What is a Personal Loan?
It is money you borrow at an institution like Loans 4 Africa for personal use. We don’t need to know why you need a loan and you have no obligation to tell us either. YES WE CAN HELP PEOPLE TO APPLY FOR A LOAN WHO HAVE BEEN BLACKLISTED OR HAVE BAD DEBT

Are you Blacklisted and need a loan?


We might be able to help you with a Loan even if Blacklisted. At Loans4Africa we pride ourselves in being part of the bigger The Finance Turtle Group group, helping people in need a loan. Finance for people, blacklisted or not at Loans 4 Africa is as simple as completing and submitting an online loan application form.


Apply for a personal loan online today and we'll try our best to get you a personal loan. We will also do our best to get back to you within 24 hours of applying for a loan during work hours.


Applying for a personal loan has never been this easy!



Please note that all our lenders are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR).

Fees and interest charged in terms of chapter 5 of the National Credit Act (NCA) no 34 of 2005:

  • Initiation Fee of 15% of the Loan Amount up to R1 000, thereafter 10 % (+ VAT)
    Services Fee of R50 per month (+ VAT)
    Interest charged:
    Per Day: 0.17%
    Per Month: 5%
    Per Annum: 60%

    PLEASE NOTE: Every Lender has their own policy – this is only a guideline

  • We can assist with Personal Loans, Long Term Loans, Consolidation Loans and Cash Loans. Below is simply a example of a one month Cash Loan.

    Illustrative example:
  • Loan amount: R16 500
    Term: 60 months
    Initiation Fee: R1 140
    Services Fee: R57
    Interest: 32.65%
    Total Instalment: R840.31